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May 13, 1962 -  - Journals - Robert Indiana

Journal page for May 13, 1962

Robert Indiana kept a series of illustrated journals during the late 1950s and 1960s, in which he discusses the development of his work.

Indiana's journal page for May 13, 1962, includes a sketch of "The American Dream" (Diamond) 2 (The Black Diamond American Dream #2). The artist discusses bringing its conception to a probable close, with all raw gesso areas becoming yellow. Indiana also notes that he added red stripes to the sculpture Brow, illustrated by a small sketch, and that he worked on The Eateria, giving half of the painting second coats. 

Indiana's journals also provide insight into his relationships with other artists. Here he discusses a call from James Rosenquist, who relayed that the architect Philip Johnson had extended his invitation to John Chamberlain to exhibit a work on the façade of the World's Fair Theatre.